Are You Ready For The Post-Social Media Age?

Are You Ready For The Post Social Media Age?

This is not a post about the death of social media. Sorry folks but social media is not going anywhere! However we are entering a new age of social media, the post social media age. It has roots in the time that came before and there will be overlap, but it is also distinctly different. What’s most important for brand and social media managers is what you’ve been doing up to now won’t work in this new era so you need to prepare or risk the decline of your brand on social media.

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Sell Event Tickets on Facebook

Facebook Lets Event Organisers Sell Tickets Directly from Its Site and Apps

Facebook is a great tool for event marketers. The largest social network with an every growing user base and a range of functionality for event promotion it is no wonder that event organisers love Facebook. Event organisers currently use the Buy Tickets button on Facebook Events and the call to action button on Facebook Pages to bring audiences directly to their ticket purchase web page but soon you will also be able to sell event tickets directly on Facebook thanks to the recent Eventbrite and Ticketmaster integration.

Facebook has partnered with Eventbrite and Ticketmaster  to let people buy tickets to events from its site and app. This integration is currently being tested on Facebook’s desktop site, and iOS and Android apps. Though the pilot program is currently only available to those in the U.S., it is likely that it will be rolled out to other countries soon.

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The Science of Events

Social Media: The Science Behind Online Engagement at Events

I was delighted to be included in a recent report by Eventbrite on the science behind online engagement at events. It is a topic really close to my heart and I think Eventbrite do a great job supporting event professionals by providing them with the most up to date insight and information on events, including the use of social media for event amplification and promotion.

The guide includes lots of great tips and advice on how to use social media to engage an event audience and lots of nuggets of advice from your truly. You can download the guide here.

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How to use Facebook to Promote Your Event

[Superpost] How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Event

No marketer can ignore Facebook. It has the largest potential reach of any social channel at 1.71 billion monthly active users and growing (at time of writing). If you want your audience to know about your event, you need to use Facebook. Even if you’re sure your audience is not on Facebook, chances are that those that influence your target audience are on Facebook. The great irony is that this potential reach is limited due to the News Feed algorithm and Facebook is largely becoming a paid social channel as organic reach continues to drop for pages. There are, however, many opportunities to leverage and some features of Facebook that are particularly suited to event marketing.

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The Long Tail of Social Influence

Leveraging The Long Tail of Social Influence for Your Event

Social influencers are a key part of any social media strategy. Social influencers bring reach and advocacy that most brands and events could not achieve on their own. Most social influencer plans focus on working with influencers with a very large reach. Sure other factors are taken into account like how engaged their followers are, what their retweet rate is and their overall personal brand, but often the search for influencers starts out with follower numbers. There is however, another part to social influence, the long tail of social influence.

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Pokemon Go for event marketing

What Pokemon Go Means for Event Marketing

Is Pokemon Go just a fad or here to stay? Time will tell but clever event marketers can use Pokemon Go to increase audience engagement and satisfaction which always translates well onto social media. Just when you thought you had your social channel plan for your event confirmed and all of your on-site event engagement opportunities in place Pokemon Go presents another opportunity for event marketers.

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Help Your Event Trend on Twitter

Nine Steps to Trending: Help Your Event Hashtag Trend on Twitter

So you want your event to trend on Twitter? This is like trying to make a viral video or someone asking a publicist to make them famous. Like those examples, there are many tried and tested ways to help this happen but seeking fame, even in the form of a Twitter trend, for the sake of it is not the best way to approach social media. Instead, trending should be approached as one of many outcomes of delighting your audience rather than a social media objective in itself. That is not to say that trending on Twitter does not have its benefits.

Trending should be approached as one of many outcomes of delighting your audience.Click To Tweet

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Live streaming at events

Using Social-Driven Live Video to Engage your Audience at Events

Social live streaming tools like Periscope and Facebook Live provide event organisers with a great opportunity, but they also present a challenge. Which tool should you use? Should you live stream the entire event? Does social live streaming replace other live streaming tools? Now that everyone with a mobile phone can live stream the event, what is your live streaming policy?
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