Pokemon Go for event marketing

What Pokemon Go Means for Event Marketing

Is Pokemon Go just a fad or here to stay? Time will tell but clever event marketers can use Pokemon Go to increase audience engagement and satisfaction which always translates well onto social media. Just when you thought you had your social channel plan for your event confirmed and all of your on-site event engagement opportunities in place Pokemon Go presents another opportunity for event marketers.

What is Pokemon Go?

If you’ve been busy organising your event or lived in complete isolation for the last week you might not know what Pokemon Go is so let me fill you in. Pokemon Go, correctly called Pokémon Go is a mobile game available by downloading an app by the same name for Android or iPhone. Based on a video game and animation from the 1990s, the aim of Pokemon Go is to catch ’em all! The app creates an augmented reality filled with Pokemon for you to chase and catch. There is also a battle system to take over landmarks in the game called ‘gyms’.

Why is Pokemon Go important to Social Media Managers

The app is proving very popular having been downloaded more than 7.5 million times at time of writing. If that doesn’t make you sit up and pay attention then this stat will: Pokemon Go users are expected to surpass the number of Twitter users and people are using the app more times per day than Instagram and Snapchat. It has a great combination of reach and engagement which can rival many social platforms.

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How is Pokemon Go relevant for Event Marketing?

  1. Augmented Reality is a big opportunity for events. As Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game it has great potential for real world application. This includes business locations but also events. So many event apps fail to engage event attendees but Pokemon Go shows that by using  a combination of augmented reality (AR), gamification and nostalgia you can create a hive of activity around any location, including an event. If your event attendees normally look bored and not very energised or excited, Pokemon Go or similar games could be the answer. Pokemon Go could help augmented reality go mainstream which will make user uptake for subsequent AR apps more more likely. An event treasure hunt using AR app could be just what your event needs.
  2. It can draw people to your event location or a location at your event. PokéStops are real world locations where players can grab some extra Poké Balls and potions. While you can’t put a PokéStop at your event, your event may be in a location that is at or near a PokéStop. You can make the most out of this by sharing a map of PokéStops at or near your event. You could host a lure party at your event by placing a ‘lure model’ on the nearby PokéStop. Lure modules  attract wild Pokémon and therefore players to that location and are a great way to reward event attendees. Each lure is active for 30 minutes, so you can draw attendees to a particular location at your event at a particular time. You can then promote this on your event social channels and witness all your event attendees flock to your lure!

Host a lure party at your event by placing a lure on the nearby PokéStop.Click To Tweet
  1. Its a great way to entertain and engage event attendees. Encourage your event attendees take a screenshot of a Pokemon at your event and then post it on social media on your event hashtag. This shows other attendees and those watching online what a fun event you’re having in a great location, so great in fact that even Pokemon are attending! This is likely to increase conversation on the event hashtag as other attendees react to the posts.
  2. It provides a new type of event opportunity. Real world player events are already taking place. These are organised by players but anyone can organiser a Pokemon Go player event. If your event takes place over a few days why not add a Pokemon Go player event to your agenda as a way to entertain your event attendees.

This is just the beginning. As the game develops more marketing and event opportunities will arise. How are you using Pokemon Go at your event? Have you seen any great examples?

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